The Ultimate Hands-Free Headlamp 
The last headlamp you'll ever need, guaranteed! Perfect for hiking, running, camping, biking & more
As advertised in:
"Perfect For Outdoors"
The Everlyte headlamp is the perfect lamp for any outdoor situation. It's 230 degree even illumination LED technology lights up your environment evenly and brightly. It's sturdy design ensures it fits comfortably and never bounces. It’s the headlamp that’s loved by night owls the world over. Turn it on with the wave of your hand and prepare to see at night like a hawk!
Exercise and Stay Safe!
The Everlyte is great for everyone. Whether you enjoy hiking, cycling, camping, or walking at night the Everlyte won't fail you. Adjustable fit allows you to attach the your lamp either around your head or helmet or hang up to use as an electric lantern at your campsite. Water resistant, durable and rechargable so it's ultra-reliable. Whether you're a casual night time jogger or a hardcore alpinist the Everlyte is the must-have item for any outdoor enthusiast.
Work On Your Home  Or Car, No Flashlight
Working in your home has never been easier. No more fumbling with flashlights in dark places. Whether you're working under the sink or under the hood, the Everlyte easily illuminates your project and gives you bright even light where you need it most.
What People Are Saying:
This thing is cool as hell. I saw it on tiktok and bought it for my husband for a gift. Ended up ordering a second one for my husband because the first is going to be a 6 year old’s birthday present. It’s super bright and easy to use.

- John Robert, CA
I've been a mechanic for 25 years. I've used various styles of headlamps over the years and have never loved any of them until now. This headlamp is awesome. It's lightweight, easy to use, and compact. It is perfect for working under the dash of a car, in the bowels of a jet engine, or under the sink at home.

- Bobby Jones, FL
This is the most perfect little headlamp. I even take it everywhere with me - running, camping, backyard to grill.

- Tricia Alice, IL
Say "Goodbye" To Your Clunky Old Headlamp
Everlyte is the perfectly designed headlamp. Instead of using a single point of light it uses a combination of 40 LED bulbs to create bright even light that illuminate your environment in a 230 degree radius. Its unique ring design sits comfortable on your head and doesn't bounce since its weight is evenly distributed around your head. No more constant readjusting bobbling light.
Bye, Bye Batteries
Everlyte uses cutting edge materials and technology. Built from state of the art materials, the Everlyte is lightweight enough so you barely notice its on yet tough enough to endure even the most grueling outdoor environments. On top of that the Everlyte has a built in USB rechargeable power bank so you never have to spend a dime on batteries again. Adjustable lighting levels and strobe mode give you exactly how much light you need when you need it. Innovative surround LED bulb technology provides you with a staggering 350 lumens of light. Your standard 150 lumen lamp can run upwards of $100 - $300 by comparison. Everlyte only costs $40.
Turn On With The Wave Of Your Hand
Perhaps the coolest feature of the Everlyte is its motion sensing technology. Just wave your hand in front of the sensor to turn it on. No more fumbling for your power button in the dark.
Buy Now And Save
Comparable headlamps can run you all the way up to $200 for lamps of similar quality and brightness. But today you can get an Everlyte for as low as 32 dollars for bigger orders (order one of these for your outdoorsy friends or as a backup in case you lose it). Or order a single one for just $40 online now or order up to a set of 5 for the biggest discount.

Over 50,000 people have already ordered their Everlyte and they currently average a 4.9 star review from thousands of happy customers. Everlyte guarantees your satisfaction and this will be the last headlamp you will ever want to buy.
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